3 easy things to remember when you start overthinking

Breathe, Believe, Receive

Are you a person who “overthinks”? 

When you continuously think about something that bothers you, which is nowhere near to any kind of productive work, you might feel overwhelmed. 

Overthinking has been one of the problems that are faced by a large number of people.

Let us understand one thing, “there is no use of just thinking about your issue”. You need to “start working” on it. I mean, you need to start solving the issue from its root. 

Before you start solving the root cause of your problem, I would like to suggest three quick reminders for you. When you overthink, make sure you remind yourself of these. If you cannot remember to remind yourself, write these down now and read out whenever you start overthinking.

  1. Be in the present. 

No matter what makes you think a lot, let us understand this. There is no use of thinking about your past or future. You need to make your present worth so that you will actually be creating a time that you will cherish in the future. 

So when you are anxious about the future or depressed about the past, remind yourself that you need to live the present. 

  1. Do not be the football of others’ opinions.

This is something I learnt from a course of “Art of Living” which everytime makes me feel a lot better when I tend to worry about what others might think of my decision. 

Make sure that you plan your life well, you take account of the possible risks and consequences, never harm anything. You just do not need to worry about what your random uncle thinks about your decision. 

  1. Read your purposes. 

Write down your purposes in life. If you have too many of them, pick the top three of your purposes and write them down. Whenever you start worrying about something, read your list of purposes. Ask yourself, if worrying about something helps in reaching your goals. 

These three are the my personal favourites among the tactics to handle some stress.

Try these if you get stressed, and get back to us with your experience!

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