10 Signs that show you are not drinking enough water!

Breathe, Believe, Receive

Did you know 60% of your body is water? Just like mother earth!

So, 60% of the human body is water.  At least, it is supposed to be! 

Our body has its own mechanisms to retain the water it needs and eliminate the extra water along with the toxins. So, water is the best detox drink that nature gives us.

I know, there are a lot of us who are too lazy to give enough water to our bodies. What can it cause? Disfunction, diseases, not eliminating the wastes effectively, and more health issues caused by that.

Now, if you are a person who always neglected drinking water, you don’t have to be scared by seeing all the health hazards that I wrote about. Your body tells you when there is a requirement of more water so that it can do well in whatever it does! All you need to do is pay a little more attention, observe, and attend those signals.

If you do not notice the signals, it can go more and more obvious until you observe it and take necessary action. 

Let’s see some of the signs that your body shows and some you can easily observe so that you can easily take care of it. However, let’s also keep in mind that there are multiple reasons for all the signs/issues that I’m listing below. But, when out of the blue something happens, you may also understand that it can be due to lack of water in the body.

1. No bathroom breaks

Remember having loads of meetings, work and you don’t even drink water! Also remember, you have not taken a bathroom break for hours together? That’s too sad!

How should the stomach cleanse the inside of it if you aren’t drinking enough water?

The answer is, it can’t and this can put you in trouble.

But, remember, keep sipping water. It cleanses, relaxes, and you can even take the right amount of bathroom breaks and feel good. That break means that, even though you cannot pay a lot of attention to your body, it is doing its basic functions well. 

2. Hungry at odd times

Human brain receptors for hunger and thirst are too close. They are too near that, sometimes the signals they send get mixed up! And that is how we sometimes do not differentiate between signals of thirst and hunger. Many times thirst is wrongly interpreted as hunger, by your brain and you end up eating more food instead of drinking water when your body is actually crying for some water! 

So, next time, an hour after a good breakfast if you are already feeling hungry, sip water for some time! You will thank me later for this! 

3. Bad breath

Let me put this in simple terms. It is essential to rinse away the bacterias from time to time from our mouth, gum, etc. This function is handled by saliva. 

Now, Saliva production happens undisturbed with the help of water. Hence when there is a lack of water that can actually hinder saliva production and then comes the issues like not just bad breath, also unhealthy gums, teeth, etc. 

So, a simple activity of sipping water can prevent a lot of problems in life.

4. Sugar Craving

This is  the funniest!

Sugar itself can cause lots of unnecessary problems in the body. It can cause obesity, can quicken the process of aging, and can be the reason for all the obesity-related issues like cardiac health problems, hypertension, bad cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

When your water intake is less, and your body is struggling to do its work, you might feel tired. Your mind might ask for sugar because it knows by its previous experiences, sugar can spike the energy levels at once. Don’t listen to that weak mind at that time. Just drink some cold water! By saying “cold” I don’t mean “refrigerated” water here. “Cold” indicates room temperature. 

5. Headache

Okay! If you have been missing all the simple signs that your body kept sending, it really can start giving more stronger indications by making you feel uncomfortable. And, one of them is a headache. 

When you do not supply enough water to your body and your body is dehydrated, your brain tissues also start showing that it needs some water to do its job! Brain tissue loses water and this makes the brain shrink. This invokes the pain receptors making you know you have a headache.

And at this moment, smart action one can take is understanding what is happening in their body and drinking some water. Instead of going for the poorest possible choice of gulping a painkiller makes the scene worse.

6. Fatigue

Not drinking the right amount of water causes fluid loss in the body. The next thing that happens with this is, the decrease in blood volume. Naturally, your body tries giving signals and if you do not supply enough water to it at that moment, all it can do is put a lot of extra pressure on your heart to pump more blood, so that blood volume can become better.

Whom are you trying to hurt here? Your heart? Your mind? Your brain? Or your complete body? 

I would say, all of the above! No wonder if one suffers from fatigue when they drink little water.

So, stop doing that and drink the right amount of water. 

7. Urinary Tract infection

Water is the most essential ingredient. One of its functions is cleansing. It cleans almost everything. It is something that helps to cleanse the body from outside as well as inside. Mouth, stomach, hands, anus and what not! Drinking the right amount of water can also save you from urinary tract infection and its pains, including multiple visits to a clinic!

8. Constipation


This is another thing that many many people suffer from. Fissures, hemorrhoids are very common among people than what one can imagine.

There are numerous reasons which can cause constipation, and one among them is not drinking a good amount of water. If you avoid constipation, you avoid a lot of other health issues. 

9. Frequent illness

Water is a natural detox drink. You need not put effort into creating new detox drinks if you eat clean and drink the right amount of water. It cleanses, it removes the toxins as your body receives the water and uses it. 

On the other hand, when you are not consuming water properly, your body gets unable to detox and it can cause toxins to accumulate and invite too many disorders. 

Don’t worry, you just need to drink water to avoid this.

10. Unhealthy Skin

Let’s talk about skin. Your skin is 70% of water, 25% of proteins, and 5% of good fats. Now, out of that 70% of water, 60% is absorbed by the inner layers of skin. That means, it can absorb water only if you drink it. 

Drinking less water can make the skin dry and this in turn causes flakiness, wrinkles, fine lines and what not? 

So, next time you think of which new cream to apply for youthful, glowing skin, also think whether you are drinking enough water!

Tell me, what is the right amount of water and how often should I drink?

Let’s remember this first, too much is too bad! We do not want our kidneys to face the burden of gallons of water at a time to filter and say goodbye to.

Start your water intake after waking up, by drinking a glass of water. Afterwards, carry a flask of water with you and keep sipping it instead of drinking it all at one time. 

An adult needs at least 2.5 liters of water every day. However, remember that it is a minimum amount and the amount of water required for a person varies based on a lot of factors like age, region, climate, etc. Make sure you sip water throughout the day.

Do not restrict yourself if you already had around 2.5 liters of water by evening and still you are thirsty. If your body asks for it, you must give it. 

Drinking hot/warmer water also can increase your metabolism and make your digestive system do its job well!

Go ahead and drink some water now!

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